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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

ho fatto l'esame

che poi ho preso 23 ed è un esame pure sul simbolismo. sto 23 che simboleggera mai?

frattanto poi mi sono fatto un regalo, un'orologio

che buffo, è l'orologio ufficiale dei sospettettati di  terrorismo, c'è gente che è a guantanamo per questo motivo.


This model of watch is notable because United States intelligence officials have identified it as the watch that terrorists use when constructing time bombs thanks to its accuracy.[1] Ahmed Ressam, the "millennial bomber", bought two Casio F91Ws.[2]

According to the allegations used to justify the continued detention of one of the captives, these watches were given to some attendees at Al-Qaeda's Al Farouq training camp.[3] At least four of the Guantanamo detainees found with such a watch are also listed as having been to Al Farouq.

When the Department of Defense was ordered by US District Court justice Jed Rakoff to release the documents from Guantanamo detainees' Combatant Status Review Tribunals it became known that at least ten of the Guantanamo detainees were listed as having been wearing this model of watch when they were captured.[4]

Although none of the captives who remained in detention when the Combatant Status Review Tribunals began in August 2004 were being held solely for possession of this watch, this is used as the main allegation against them, as this link was highlighted in the Denbeaux study compiled by lawyers for two detainees. It is said that having this watch was being used as "proof" of the captives' status as enemy combatants. those that say otherwise point to the fact that eighteen captives known to have faced the allegation of owning this watch all faced other allegations as well. However, this 'evidence' still remains the main allegation against them.

Casio officials declined to be interviewed about the U.S. intelligence accusations.[2] Casio did, however, issue a statement in which it said the watch "has no exclusive technology," and asserted that "Casio continues to work closely with all government agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security to help limit any potential threats and deal with security concerns."

Detainees who testified to their surprise and confusion over this allegation have described their watches, and those descriptions have not matched the description of the F91W. Their descriptions have mentioned built-in compasses and calculators -- features the F91W lacks.

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